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How to tell if someone has blocked you from Skype

We’ve all been there: have we been blocked from Skype? There are a few indicators that help you determine this, but there is no 100% fool-proof way how to tell if someone has blocked you from Skype. If you’ll settle for 80% accuracy, then read on for the indicators. But before we get started… take some time to reflect. Do you really want to know the answer to this question? Does it improve your happyness in any way? Is there anything you can do to change the situation if you are blocked? Will it help you move on to learn that someone has blocked you from Skype? If nothing else: take this bit of advice before we move on: we strongly advise not to waste time on things you cannot change and to focus on the things you can. To quote a well known phrase: “God give me the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change that which I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Bottom line, though we can teach you how to tell if someone has blocked you from Skype with 80% certainty, we suggest you focus on the things you can change!

First things first. When someone blocks you from Skype, they do the following:

Notice that deleting a user, and blocking the user, are two seperate things. This article is about telling if you have been blocked from Skype. The indicators are useless as a guide how to tell if you have been deleted from Skype.

#1: No longer online = someone blocked you?

Your contact no longer appears online. This could be an indication you have been blocked. But don’t jump to conclusions, there could be a dozen different reasons for someone not to be online. Maybe they are on holiday. Perhaps they are experiencing problems with their PC. Maybe they’ve lost their Skype password and are as annoyed about not being able to contact you as they are (trust us, we know this happens!). But, again, it is one of the indicators that someone has blocked you.

#2: Not online on your account, but online elsewhere

If the contact appears online elsewhere (ie, you have mutual friends and your friend is able to confirm they are online, OR: they have a skype call me now button on their website and it shows they are online, while your Skype shows them to be offline), then you know with 95% accuracy you have been blocked. The 5% is to account for Skype, I’ve regularly seen two Skype sessions report different people online for a short period of time. If the status remains the same for over an hour, then you have 99% certainty that you have been blocked.

How to tell if someone has blocked you from Skype with 100% certainty

There is really only one way: ask them. And no, don’t use Skype for that ;) If you have an email address, or a regular phone number, send a short email, text message or (preferably) call them. It could all be a misunderstanding that you can clear up when you speak to them. You could even blame “a friend” that “used your computer” as an excuse if you regret the messages you typed (a bit harder to claim if you were on the webcam…) but besides a confession from the other party, there is no 100% certainty – sorry folks. It’s just the kind of thing that Skype intended. They claim that you can block a user without them knowing. Of course, that is not correct… it is possible to know, within reasonable doubt, that you have been blocked by another Skype user. And reasonable doubt is enough to convict folks, so why wouldn’t it be enough to answer the question we started with: how to tell if someone has blocked you from Skype. Just remember, knowing the answer within reasonable doubt, how is this going to help you? Focus on the things you can change, forget about the things you cannot change, and find the wisdom to know the difference! Good luck.


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